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A high-quality infographic starts with a good idea that is shareable in the digital world. The most likeable, viral content is created with emotional appeal. WakeMeChat brainstorms into a visual concept with its Infographic design services.

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Without research, there is no creation. Our team collects and process all the information needed to create a reliable infographic.

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WakeMeChat brings data to life. Our team will craft and refine the data to realize infographics that stand out from the crowd.

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An infographic is made to be share. WakeMeChat through its SEO Techniques and Social Media Marketing Strategy will spread the infographics to the digital word.

In today’s information era, your prospects and customers prefer to visualize an information rather than read it. It’s time to rely on infographic design services to make visual your message.

Why Do You Need an Infographic Design Services?

“High-Quality Infographics are 30 Times More Likely to Be Read Than Normal Text”

WakeMeChat is specialized in infographic design services to create and design the infographic that you need to promote your business.

“We Convert Ideas and Concept into a Visual Story Structure”

Our team will listen to your needs and create a tailor-made infographic ready to be spread to the digital world. Contact Us Now!

What Is an Infographic and Why is Important to Consider an Infographic Design Services?

An infographic (information graphic) is a visual representation of information, data or knowledge in a graphic format intended to make the data easily understandable at a glance.

Infographics have rapidly become a quick and clear form of visual communication in the information age.

People use infographics to communicate a message, to simplify the presentation of large amounts of data, to see data patterns and relationships.

90% of Information Transmitted to the Brain Is Visual”

What Are the Core Elements of an Awesome Infographic?

  • Show the data and communicate the visual information
  • Entice user’s attention
  • Encourage the eye to compare different pieces of data
  • Display detailed data and/or fact at several levels, from a broad overview to the specific information
  • Let viewers create their own conclusions
  • Enhance the human visual system’s ability

Essential Steps to Design an Infographic

  •  Gathering and Processing Data. The data in has to be collected and manipulated to produce meaningful information
  • Creditability of the source. Make sure the data and the  source are reliable for the viewer
  • Create a Wireframe. The wireframe is the flow and layout of the infographic. The necessary structure to build the infographic
  • Have an understandable message. It is crucial to tell the story in a structured and logical way. The story should dictate the design, not the other way around
  • Design the Concept. Describe the topic or concept based on the audience that you want to reach. Following this step helps create a truly unique design that it will resonate with the intended audience
  • Set the Voice of your Message. Set a consistent tone with your data and story. The voice of the infographic has to be meet the subject
  • Think Outside of the Box. Combine your creativity with illustrations, charts, icons, and graphics as much as you can, it creates more visual interest
  • Choose the colors. And one of the easiest ways to make or break your design is with a color scheme. Choose carefully the colors according to the destination of the infographic (e.g. Facebook rather than Twitter) and the user who is going to read it. Determine a color palette that works
  • Stay brief and go straight to the point. Never put unnecessary or out of data information
  • Go through your infographic. Did you do it already? Do it Again. Check misspelling mistakes, data, alignment, structure
  • Refine it and Test it. Make the last changes and test with your team
  • Release it into the world. It’s time. Time to show to your audience your visual piece of art. Time to grab people’s attention and drive and engage your prospects and clients.

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