Free Online Art Gallery

WakeMeArt is a Free Online Art Gallery, an exclusive section dedicated to emerging artists who have decided to share their passion for art with the digital world, presenting their original artworks in this dedicated art online venue.

“It is not what you see, but what you make others see” (cit. Degas)

WakeMeArt, free online art gallery, is an art platform where artists find their own space and where our followers can keep a direct contact with them, in a simple and fast way…in a digital way.

Express Yourself Through Our Free Online Art Gallery 


Say it With Art. Express Your Creativity

Through this section, you can display your art and start been visible online with a page dedicated to your artwork.

…And most important: we will leverage our social media marketing strategy to espouse your art in order to gain popularity.

WakeMeArt Top Features:


  • Unlimited Artists and Artworks. Our free online art gallery exhibits the artwork from an unlimited number of artists.
  • Select or Create your Category. Oil paintings of abstract art, fantasy art, landscape art, fine nude art, modern art.
  • Dedicated Page. Each artist will have a dedicated page to display the artwork.
  • Customize. You can customize your gallery to meet your needs. Uploading for logos, pictures, portfolio, highlight specific works, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimized. Through our experts in SEO Techniques, we designed the structure and pages of your online art gallery to be SEO friendly. It will be optimized to rank better on all the major search engines.
  • Social Media Share. We got you covered. WakeMeArt through its Social Media Marketing Strategy will share on the main social media platform your work and any kind of content related to your art.
  • Display Your Art in China. WakeMeArt is based in Shanghai. Upon request, our team can arrange exhibition and event to display and promote your art in China. To Learn More about this incredible opportunity Contact Us Now!


Who Are the Artists Behind this Free Online Art Gallery?

Discover their history, their works … Get lost in the infinite world of concepts, expression, and colors of this free online art gallery. Be enchanted by the art.  Let’s awaken your emotions.

Discover Here Our Emerging Contemporary Artists


Be Awake, Be Social. Be WakeMeArt.

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