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  • Ivan Stefanoni – ArteMia


ArteMia | Ivan Stefanoni

Human Art, Art Metra, Art and Progress.

While I was looking for a definition about what I do, I found out several names and nothing. I believe that my paintings cannot be represented by a static definition, because this would be a limit. It is like being born and spending your entire life as an infant, but we grow, we cry, we learn how to love and how to hate, we constantly live with our emotions. That’s my art… it is evolving with me, with my breath, my beats and my emotions… ArteMia.

However, if you want to understand my art, we need to start from the beginning.

Since I was a child, I realized that I was full of creativity and imagination, but it was not important at that time.

As you know, intelligence is measured by logical and mathematical rules. Students who are not good at maths, physics or chemistry need to enrol in remedial classes to make up of these lacks. However, students who are not good at art, music, and drawing don’t need to improve those skills, because they don’t need those qualities to find a “respectable job”. At least this is what society teaches us.

I’ve decided to study law to prove, first of all to myself, that I wasn’t just that country guy who is only able to lose himself in his dreams and thoughts. During my first years at University, I became obsessed with studying. Believing that “there was no time to lose”, I forgot to live.

During my third year at University, I’ve realized that I needed to change my way of thinking. I started looking for the balance I couldn’t find inside myself. Then I’ve found the love of my life who have taught me to appreciate the little things in life. Those five years studying law have changed me. I did the legal training and I’ve passed the written exam to become a lawyer. But then I’ve changed my career path and I started to work in a Bank.

My name is Ivan Stefanoni, ArteMia is part of me and as such it is continuously evolving. Every phase of my life is an emotion that I try to represent in my works. I want to express my beliefs: live actively, don’t suffocate by everyday occurrence and your social obligations.

  • Lucia Armenia – Maize Pasta Decoration and Shabby Chic Decor Design


Lucia ArmeniaArt is my passion. It is the concrete representation of my imagination. The love for creativity feeds my art and constantly accompanies me, every day, in every phase of my life.

I always like to paint. My first works were tempera paintings and oil on canvas. This is the artistic phase in which I could express more my feelings and emotions. Painting allows me to escape from the realty and the everyday life… through my painting I can represent reality with fantasy.

After becoming mum of three beautiful children (the greatest work in my life), I’ve started to learn new techniques: landscape relief paintings. My two works “Campo di girasoli” (in English, Sunflowers field) and “Papaveri” (in English, Poppies) proclaim the beauty of our Italian countryside.

My recent works vary from découpage to maize pasta decoration and the shabby chic décor design, thanks to which I am decorating my home. My passion for decoration comes from the idea that I want to experience my art at home and share it with people I love.

I chose to share my passion through WakeMeArt, the free online art gallery.

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