Services – Digital Strategy

Adopting a digital strategy means learning how to engage your potential clients through online channels.

A good digital strategy works on optimizing the user experience, giving credibility to your brand and forwarding your value through the most suitable online channels. The goal is not only to acquire new customers but also to engage and retain the existing ones.

WakeMeChat helps companies to find out the best digital strategy in China. How? You need to adapt your message to the socio-cultural environment, identify the content and the keywords that are suitable in that cultural context, find the right way to communicate your value through the most appropriate marketing channels. Here are our services.


Infographic Design Services


Are You Looking for an Infographics for Your Digital Strategy?

Your audience needs visual content ready to be shared. We create and design High-Quality Infographics that produce results. 



What are the most suitable marketing channels to convey your message? How to engage and retain your audience?

Adopting a social media marketing strategy is essential to understand how to use social media strategically (Facebook, LinkedIn, WeChat, Weibo, etc.) in order to achieve your marketing goals.



Is it easy to find your site on the web? For which keywords do you want to be found on Google?

Millions of websites already talk about your product / service. Adopting an SEO strategy allows you to stand out and give more visibility to your business without paying for useless ads.

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