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“I paint to live without letting me live. I paint to express and share thoughts and emotions”.

Ivan Stefanoni – ArteMia

Tramonto in riva al mare | Ivan Stefanoni

TRAMONTO IN RIVA AL MARE. “Sunset on the Sea”

Piccolezza | Ivan Stefanoni

PICCOLEZZA. “Smallness”. How small we can feel beside the whole.


L’EQUILIBRIO NELL’ESSENZIALE. “The Balance in the Essential”.

Our balance can just be found inside us.

Passioni | Ivan Stefanoni

PASSIONI. “Passions”

Life is a tornado that drags us into its vortex of events.

We must have passions in order to live struggling against the passivity.

Bolle di Mondi | Ivan Stefanoni

BOLLE DI MONDI. “Bubbles of Worlds”.

Every choice will lead us to live in a world that is just one of the

possible realities where we can live.

Il Genio del Lavoro | Ivan Stefanoni

IL GENIO DEL LAVORO. “The Job Genius”.

The conflict between the ideal and the real job.

Forza della Mente | Ivan Stefanoni

FORZA DELLA MENTE. “The Power of Mind”.

Without the personality that makes us unique,

human beings would be one of the many drops in the ocean.

Passioni | Ivan Stefanoni

PASSIONI. “Passions”

We are made of our passions. If we want to contrast our rationality,

the results will be an explosion of colors.

PICCOLEZZA. “Smallness”. How small we can feel beside the whole.

Nuotatore | Ivan Stefanoni

NUOTATORE. “The Swimmer”

The swimmer’s perspective. The representation of his determination

and consistency in order to reach his target.

Tra Cielo e Nuvole | Ivan Stefanoni

TRA CIELO E NUVOLE. “Between the Sky and the Clouds”.

The pursuit of balance between nature and artifice.


The embryo of creativity grows in each of us, but it needs to be fed.

PROSPETTIVA. “Perspective”

Everything can be understood in different ways, if you have an open mind.

Panda. Estrarre Geometrie nella Natura.

“Extracting geometry from the nature”.

Coccinella. “Ladybug”. Estrarre Geometrie nella Natura.
“Extracting geometry from the nature”.

Zanzara.  “Mosquito”. Estrarre Geometrie nella Natura.

Extracting geometry from the nature”.


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