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About Us

WakeMeChat was born in Shanghai, a cosmopolitan and avant-garde metropolis, a symbol of innovation and technological development. WakeMeChat is a team of young enthusiasts about everything digital and social, mainly focused on the Chinese market.


  • Experience in China 95%
  • Creativity 90%
  • Design 85%
  • Passion 100%

What is the point of having the most interesting product in the world if you are not able to communicate it? And above all, what is the point of communicating your message if nobody can see it?


If you want to develop and grow your business in China, an effective digital communication strategy is what you need.

The digital era has changed the way we used to communicate. Expensive mass commercials are no longer the trend. Learning about your target customers is the key that allows you to deliver the right content ONLY to those people interested in receiving it.

How? Here 5 essential steps:

1.    Identify your target audience

2.    Create clear and valuable contents

3.    Choose the right channels to communicate your message

4.    Grow your online visibility

5.    Be social!

For WakeMeChat, BEING SOCIAL means:

COMMUNICATE your message/value

LISTEN your clients to improve your service

INFORM with high-quality contents

ENGAGE your audience and start a conversation

BE AUTHENTIC and provide authentic contents

BE PRESENT and increase your business visibility

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